Planting with a transplanter gives a better stand than planting by hand. Use fertilizer in transplant water for a healthy start in the field. This planter is designed to make a 160 degree turn around into your next plastic row. 



Pulls with regular forecart

Gooseneck tongue allows for over 90 degree turns 

Water wheel controlled from planter seats

Water shut off controlled from planter seats 

Pull 3 pins and you have a 3 point planter 

Steel or rubber wheels 

Trays slide to planter 

24 tray capacity 

Water flow valve 

Optional 110 or 150 gallon water tank 

Plants 1 or 2 rows at a time 

Bottom racks act as fenders for wheels 

Seat height adjusts from driver seat with turn buckle 

Turn buckle helps for easy & fast unhooking from forecast 

Adjustable planting depth from planter seats 


  • Price: $2,868.00
  • Price: $182.00
  • Hole Cutter (4 in.)

    Lever action

    For Tomato Pots

    Price: $154.00
  • Double Seat Unit for Transplanter
    Extra seats on wheels behind other seats for faster planting. Folds up for storage. 

    Price: $633.00