Plastic Lifter

Plastic Lifter

A user friendly way to eliminate the pet peeve of taking up plastic mulch. Quickly takes up plastic in mid-season to plant cover crops immediately after a crop. Two large Coulter blades cut vines and weeds along edge of plastic as they lift the edge to guide it to the wrapper. The wrapper is ground driven by a loose V belt that can be manually adjusted with a lever. When the roll gets large the belt needs to be set a little tighter. Wrapper is easy to upload at any time by pulling sideways on the roll. Designed to save you time and handling used plastic easier. 


Adjustable 18 in. flat coulter 

Collapsible reel 

  • Pet Pete Plastic Lifter - Wrapper with Steel Wheels (650 lb.)

    Price: $2,034.00
  • Bed Spreader Attachment
    An attachment for your Pet Pete that will spread your raised beds after lifting the plastic, making the field ready for cover crop planting. 

    Price: $644.00
  • V Drag
    Pull the V Drag behind the bed spreader attachment for a very flat surface. 

    Price: $198.00