Iris USA Spreaders

These are 3 pt. spreaders mounted on a ground driven gear. A very economical way to spread fertilizer on your organic or conventional crops or pasture. Many different styles to choose from. 
  • Features:

    Replaces the #7 or #9 mower gear setup

    Steel wheels with cleats 

    Long tongue or short tongue

    Three different style cones: steel, poly, or stainless steel 

    Pulls easier than mower gear 

    Price: $2,041.00
  • Price: $2,118.00
  • Features:

    Spreading angle can be adjusted 

    Stainless steel vanes and disk

    500 lbs. capacity 

    Steel spreaders have rounded hopper edge to prevent damage by outside impact 

    Plastic spreader has yellow hopper for rust-free and visible inside 

    Price: $600.00